Docker container (experimental)

For those of you willing to try Freedomotic dailybuild inside a Docker environment, we just created a demo container with some simple usage instructions.

Given you have Docker already installed on your machine you can start the container with the following instruction

docker run -d --name=freedomotic -p 9111:9111 -p 8090:8090 freedomotic/freedomotic

After a few seconds RESTapi interface will be available on port 9111 and the web client on port 8090 of the host machine. For tech details please go to


The latest version is mapped to [dailybuild] tag. If you want to try another version please specify the correct tag as in the following table.

Docker images
Tag Architecture Hw platforms Notes
latest x86_64   points to the last dailybuild
dailybuild x86_64   unstable
alpine x86_64   small and secure
armhf ARMv7 Raspberry Pi v1-2  
arm64 ARMv8 Raspberry Pi v3, Odroid C2  

On next days we’ll try to test P2P feature in a Docker environment with (at least) two Freedomotic instances. If you think there may be more interesting usage scenarios for such containers, just share!