• Download Freedomotic from here
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Double click on freedomotic.exe located into FREEDOMOTIC_ROOT folder (the extracted folder)


  • Download Freedomotic from here
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Double click on or open the terminal and execute

Linux Debian package

  • Download Freedomotic Debian package from here
  • From command line digit
sudo dpkg -i freedomotic_5.5.1.deb

or use your preferred packages manager. The installation could require some missing dependencies. In this case digit

sudo apt-get install -f

You can now call Freedomotic with SUDO (no problem, it automatically runs as “freedomotic” user) but your Linux user won’t be able to access config files unless it belongs to group “freedomotic”, so the best choice is to issue a

sudo adduser <your-username> freedomotic

exit and re-login. You no longer need to SUDO when calling Freedomotic.

  • Start Freedomotic from command line with

or click on the Application Menu item.

Mac OsX

  • Download Freedomotic from here
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Open the terminal (/Applications/Utilities/ folder), go to Freedomotic root folder (the extracted folder) and type the following command
java -jar "freedomotic.jar"

Raspberry Pi

Get Raspbian OS and install it on an SD card

You can follow the Quick Start guide on the official site.

If you already have an SD card with a working Raspbian OS skip this entirely and start from Install Freedomotic automatically

Install Freedomotic automatically

After you have a working Raspian OS you can install Freedomotic on it.

Insert your SD card on Raspberry, boot your system and connect using SSH. On Linux write this on command line


Default password is raspberry.

Open Terminal and copy/paste this command to install and start Freedomotic automatically

sudo curl -s | sh

Some things you would like to know:

  • Java 8 is required and it is available on Raspbian OS by default.
  • In this example Freedomotic runs in “server mode” without a graphical interface but with an embedded web client.
  • Open your browser and point to http://ip-raspberry:8090. As credentials use admin/admin.