PAss Private Assisted House

The team, headed by dott. Francesco De Angelis is working together with INRCA and Regione Marche, on a complete platform that integrates and coordinates home automation, telemedicine solutions and smart objects in the same house. A “smart house” meta-model was developed as a result of a multidisciplinary collaboration between University of Camerino (architecture and computer science), Rehabilitation Institute Santo Stefano ( and many manufactorers located in Regione Marche that produce hardware, telemedicine devices and also everyday objects that aims to make “smart” with some form of integration of sensors/actuators.

Freedomotic was chosen as the platform for integration of domestic smart objects (sensors and actuators) in the home environment. These objects can communicate through a home gateway using JSON payload carried on MQTT.

This is for a dual purpose:

  1. generating local in house events to be fed to Freedomotic and create automations according to the rules if-then-else
  2. carrying the same data to an internet data center that integrates house-related information with telemedicine data, and implements ad-hoc algorithms - with respect to the disability/disease of those who live in the house- that realyze a remote control mechanism and can lift alerts to a caregiver or fire in-house automations from outside.

For example one of the partners is developing an app that uses Bayesian networks to control the “normal” patients’ behavior. One of the project aims is about developing a mobile UI to be allocated to health care professionals and patients themselves.

This should simplify as much as possible the daily operations inside the house. It is not intended, at the time, to let users configure their house environment and its devices.