Devices plugins listΒΆ

Plugin Description Categories
Arduino Remote Controller A plugin to receive IR signals from a remote controller and execute Freedomotic commands Arduino, Automation Protocols, IoT
Arduino Serial Communication A basic example to communicate with an Arduino board via serial connection Arduino, Automation Protocols, IoT
Arduino WeatherShield A plugin to interact with Arduino WeatherShield by Arduino, HVAC, Weather
BT Speech Recognition    
Arduino WeatherShield    
Devantech Ltd Eth-Rly 16    
Google Calendar Events    
Harvester Collects events in a db, for data analysis and much more  
IPCamera Motion    
GCE Electronics IPX800    
Mailer This plugin sends notification by email Network&Communication, Utilities
MaryTTS Text to Speech    
MQTT Broker A broker for MQTT protocol based on Moquette library Automation Protocols, IoT
MQTT Client A client for MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) Automation Protocols, IoT
openPicus Flyport    
openPicus Grove system    
BTicino OpenWebNet    
Plugin Description Categories
Persistence   Utilities
Progetti-HwSw Ethernet Board v2    
Push Notifications    
Room based events    
Sensors simulation    
Telegram Bot This plugin controls your home via Telegram Bot Access Control&Security, Social
ThingSpeak This plugin sends data to platform Utilities
TTS Text to Speech    
Twilight - Sunset and sunrise alerts