Chat Plugin

Description: This plugin allows a user to interact with a Freedomotic server, by just ‘chatting’ with it using the most popular protocol XMPP (the one that runs, for instance, )

Type: Driver - Categories: Frontends, Network & Communication

Development status: Beta version

Tested on: All platforms

Developer: Matteo Mazzoni



In order to use the plugin you need to have 2 or more XMPP compatible accounts:

  • the one to be used by the plugin (you can get a free account at
  • one for each user allowed to remote control Freedomotic

Post installation steps:

edit chat-manifest.xml, insert login data and set a password in order to make an unknown user to a ‘friend’. restart Freedomotic access your IM account add the Freedomotic-related user, send a first message containing the above password once accepted as a friend you can start remote controlling Freedomotic Usage Remote-Control capabilities:

run commands run commands on a certain condition (e.g. a reaction with a single run capability) add new reactions

NEED HELP ON USAGE? Just send Chat plugin a ‘HELP’ message.