Description: A plugin to publish data on platform

Type: Driver - Categories: Utilities

Development status: Beta version

Tested on: All platforms

Developer: Mauro Cicolella


This plugin allows to publish data on platform so you can persist things data to create charts and make custom analysis.


Open the file thingspeak-manifest.xml and set your ThingSpeak API key in <property name="api-key" value="api-key-to-set"/>.

For each thing you want to persist add a <tuple></tuple> block as the following

        <property name="thing-name" value="Thermometer"/>
        <property name="thing-behavior" value="temperature"/>
        <property name="thingspeak-channel" value="XXXXXX"/>
        <property name="thingspeak-field" value="1"/>
Configuration parameters
Parameter Description Values
thing-name Freedomotic thing name e.g. Kitchen Thermometer
thing-behavior the thing behavior to persist as in the ‘Things behaviors’ table
thingspeak-channel ThingSpeak channel the channel ID
thingspeak-field ThingSpeak channel field 1-8
Things behaviors
Thing class Behavior
Barometer pressure
Hygrometer humidity
Light sensor luminosity
Thermometer temperature
Thermostat temperature


Of course you can specify any valid behavior of your things. Please check it is correct and compatible with ThingSpeak field values.