Release Notes

Version 5.5 (Bender)

Project management

  • Mavenization

  • Guice Dependency Injection

  • Code refactoring

  • Debian packages available

  • First steps adquiring an Agile Development thanks to the use of Youtrack as issue tracker system

  • Migration to TeamCity as integration server


  • Authentication/Authorization (based on username/password and privileges list)

  • Internationalization/Localization (about 20 languages supported)

  • Enhanced Automation management

  • Objects group commands support

GUI Frontend

  • Multienvironment support

  • Users and Privileges Management


  • Developers Wiki

  • Video tutorials on Youtube Channel


Freedomotic main goal is to create a great ecosystem of plugins to control almost any aspect of an automated life. We are very proud off our efforts made to make the development of plugins easy to the developers that want to contribute. These include:

  • Complete mavenization of the system and of the plugins build system

  • Improved the development documentation. This is a permanent task on our workflow

  • Active forums

Version 5.6 RC3 (Commander)

Project management

  • Enforced dependency injection

  • Enforced adoption of internal API for core and plugins

  • Enabled coherent access methods to repositories

  • Moved issues from Youtrack to GitHub


  • Revamped P2P

  • RestAPI v3

  • Library version updates

  • Enhanced overall stability

  • Switched from JUL to SLF4j (logging)

  • Extended extra conditions in Reactions (aka Automations)

  • Updated javadoc

  • Added periodic saving for commands/triggers/reactions

Extra packaging

  • Snappy App

  • Docker images

GUI Frontend

  • Added option for sending logs via email


  • Moved the documentation to ReadTheDocs platform


New plugins:

  • MQTT (broker and client)

  • MySensors

  • Persistence (under development)

  • Push notifications

  • Telegram Bot (under development)

  • ThingSpeak

New Things:

  • Air Conditioner

  • Thermostat


  • New languages added