MQTT Broker

Description: A broker for MQTT protocol based on Moquette library

Type: Driver - Categories: Automation Protocols, IoT

Development status: Prototype

Tested on: All platforms

Developer: Mauro Cicolella


This plugin adds a MQTT broker to Freedomotic so you can manage this protocol without using an external broker.

It uses an embedded instance of moquette, a Java small MQTT broker implementation.


By default it uses as server ip and 1883 as port number.

If you want to customize them please edit the previous properties in mqtt-broker-manifest.xml file located in the plugin folder.

How to manage a thing

  • In Jfrontend add a thing on the map. Right click on its icon, go to Control Panel and set mqtt-broker in the protocol field and the mqtt topic in the address field.
  • In Data Source panel select MQTT reads a value in the trigger list.

Multiple behaviors


Source code

GitHub repository