Devices plugins listΒΆ

Plugin Description Categories
Arduino Remote Controller Receives IR signals from a remote controller and execute Freedomotic commands Arduino, Automation Protocols, IoT
Arduino Serial Communication A basic example to communicate with an Arduino board via serial connection Arduino, Automation Protocols, IoT
Arduino WeatherShield Interacts with Arduino WeatherShield by Arduino, HVAC, Weather
BT Speech Recognition Speech recognition with Bluetooth & Android Speech Recognition&TTS
Chat A allows a user to interact with a Freedomotic server by ‘chatting’ with XMPP protocol Frontend, Network&Communication
Devantech Ltd Eth-Rly 16 Controls the Ethernet RLY16 board developed powered by Devantech Ltd Automation Protocols
Google Calendar Events Allows to create time based automations using your Google calendar events Network&Communication, Utilities
Harvester Collects events in a db, for data analysis and much more Utilities
HWg-STE Ethernet thermometer Reads values from an ethernet thermometer powered by HVAC
InfluxDB Persistence Time series persistence on InfluxDB Utilities
IPCamera Motion Detecs motion in MPEG streams Media, Utilities
GCE Electronics IPX800 Enables communication with Ipx800 boards by Automation Protocols
Mailer Sends notification by email Network&Communication, Utilities
MaryTTS Text to Speech Text To Speech based on MaryTTS library Speech Recognition&TTS
Modbus Enables the communication with Modbus devices Automation Protocols, IoT
MQTT Broker A broker for MQTT protocol based on Moquette library Automation Protocols, IoT
MQTT Client A client for MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) Automation Protocols, IoT
MySensors Plugin for MySensors gateway Automation Protocols, IoT
openPicus Flyport Communicates with Flyport boards by Automation Protocols, IoT
openPicus Grove system Reads data from a Grove Nest sensors board Automation Protocols, IoT
BTicino OpenWebNet Communicates with a BTicino OpenWebNet ethernet gateway Automation Protocols
Plugin Description Categories
Persistence Persistes events and commands on a Cassandra database Utilities
Progetti-HwSw Ethernet Board v2 Communicates with an ethernet relay board powered by ProgettiHw-Sw Automation Protocols
pUrl Reads URLs content like XML, HTML, JSON and sends it in a listenable event Network&Communication, Utilities
Push Notifications Sends custom push messages through many providers Network&Communication, Utilities
Room based events Sends events related to rooms’ status and creates triggers accordingly Utilities
Sensors simulation and utilities A set of sensor simulators and utilities Utilities
Tcw1228-cm Controls a TCW122B-CM module powered by Automation Protocols
Telegram Bot Controls your home via Telegram Bot Access Control&Security, Social
ThingSpeak Sends sends data to platform Utilities
TTS Text to Speech Converts text to sound Speech Recognition&TTS
Twilight - Sunset and sunrise alerts Sends events related to Sunrise and Sunset time for the configured lat/long Utilities, Weather
Twitter4Freedomotic Makes your home post messages on Twitter social network Social
Webserver A modern browser based frontend for Freedomotic Frontend
Zibase Controls a Zibase board powered by Automation Protocols
Zwave Allows interfacing with Zwave-powered devices Automation Protocols