HWg-STE Ethernet thermometer

Description: This plugin reads values from an ethernet thermometer by

Type: Driver - Categories: HVAC

Development status: Stable Release

Tested on: All platforms

Developer: Mauro Cicolella


This plugin reads values from an ethernet thermometer by You can connect up to two sensors of temperature and humidity. Indoor/outdoor sensors are available. Even temperature sensor with flat cable for temperature monitoring in the fridges. More details at

It works sending periodically SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) request to the device using the OID (Object Identifier) specified by the manufacturer (

HWg-STE plugin download

HWg-STE plugin download


All the configuration parameters are included in the hwgste-manifest.xml file. You can use it without any changes.

Each thermometer data are included in a <tuple></tuple> block where you need to specify:

  • an ‘alias’ to identify the device
  • ip address of the device
  • port of the device
  • number of sensors (2 by default)

How to read data from a sensor

Automatic setting

By default the auto configuration feature is enabled (<property name="enable-autoconfiguration" value="true"/>) so the plugin is able to add a configured thing on the map.

The type of thing is based on the unit read from the sensor: Thermometer for ‘C’. ‘F’ or ‘K’; Barometer for ‘%’.

Manual setting

First of all you have to set this property <property name="enable-autoconfiguration" value="false"/> to disable auto configuration.

Add a Thermometer thing to your Freedomotic environment and then:

  • Right click on the Thermometer in the environment to show its configuration panel
  • Change the property protocol to hwgste
  • Change the property address to a string composed of ALIAS:SENSOR-ID where ALIAS is the alias used to identify your device and SENSOR-ID is its id. An example address can be board1:215.
  • Under temperature (in Data Sources) select from the list HWg-STE reads temperature.

The same procedure is required for humidity. In this case you have to add a Barometer thing to the map, set address and protocol as described previously and assign the trigger HWg-STE reads humidity to humidity behavior.

Thermometer reads data from a sensor

Thermometer reads data from a sensor

HWg-STE online demo

HWg-STE online demo

HWg-STE plugin data log

HWg-STE plugin data log

Source code

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