InfluxDB Persistence

Description: Time series persistence on InfluxDB

Type: Driver - Categories: Utilities

Development status: Prototype

Tested on: All platforms

Developer: Mauro Cicolella


This plugin is intended to store data into an InfluxDB database. It collects all things behaviors and values in the form of time series so data can be analyzed and used to create charts.


First of all you need a running instance of InfluxDB and you have to set the connection parameters into the manifest file. If the authentication is enabled username and password are required. in the influxbd-persistence-manifest.xml file. If the authentication is enabled on the database, username and password are required.

By default the database name is “freedomotic” but you can change it.

Parameter Description Default value
db-url database url
db-name database name freedomotic
username username to access the database root
password password to access the database root
retention-policy data retention policy autogen

Database structure

This plugin saves data about Freedomotic things’ behaviors “only” when the measurement changes For example you could have a single stored datapoint if the temperature is constant for an hour or multiple datapoints if it changes.

The database has the following structure:

Name Description Type
time timestamp of measurement - autogenerated timestamp
freedomotic_instance_uuid UUID of Freedomotic instance field
object_name name of the object field
object_protocol protocol of the object field
object_address address of the object field
object_uuid uuid of rhe object field
value measurement value measurement
InfluxDB data

InfluxDB data

You can use these fields to create complex queries.

How to save data

In order to save data you need to create a specific automation. In Jfrontend go to Automations -> Manage Automations and select one of the following triggers:

  • When a temperature has changed (detects any change about temperature)
  • When an electric device behavior has changed (detects any change - on/off - about electric devices)
  • When a generic sensor behavior has changed (detects any change about sensors

and write in the Command text field Save data on InfluxDB. Confirm and press OK button.

Source code

GitHub repository