Sensors and tracking simulation

Description: A must have set of basic plugins like a clock to enable timed automations, automations editing and a set of sensors and tracking simulators, performance trackers, log viewer for both developers and users

Type: Driver - Categories: Utilities

Development status: Stable Release

Tested on: All platforms

Developer: Enrico Nicoletti


This plugin is included in the package distribution

Sensors simulator

With this plugin you can

  • simulate luminosity or temperature changing
  • ask user something
  • add a new object using JoinDevice command
  • execute free-text commands (e.g. write “turn on all lights”)
Sensors simulation

Sensors simulation

Tracking simulation

You can simulate user’s movements inside your environment. First of all add an “user” thing to the map.

Add an user to the map

Add an user to the map

Tracking simulator (Random)

Each user thing on the map is moved to a random position with a time interval specified by the sleep-time property.

Configuration parameters
Property Description Values
sleep-time   2000

Tracking simulator (Read file)

This plugin reads user’s positions from a file.

This file, located under FREEDOMOTIC_ROOT/plugins/devices/simulation/data/motes, has .mote extension and its name must reflect the user thing one (e.g. if the user is named admin the tracking file must be admin.mote.

We have two options for the positions: coordinates or room/zone names.

In the first case the .mote file has the following data format [x coord, y coord, time in ms].


Alternatively you can use the format [room name, time in ms].

Mote file example (room/zone format)

Mote file example (room/zone format)

In every case each row represents a different movement.

Tracking log

Tracking log

In the previous example the user thing is moved to the Kitchen where it stays for 2 seconds then goes to the Bedroom and after 5 seconds to the House. The last zone House doesn’t exist so it’s skipped.

Configuration parameters
Property Description Values
data-type data format in the .mote file coordinates | rooms
iterations how many times the movements sequence must be executed any integer > 0

Tracking simulator (Read socket)

Configuration parameters
Property Description Values
socket-server-port   7777
sleep-time   1000
max-connections   any integer > 0 or -1 no limits
stop-connection-char   .