Ubuntu Snappy

Freedomotic porting on Ubuntu Snappy. Repository on GitHub

Setting a Snappy development system

  1. Download Ubuntu 15.04
  2. Install snappy cli with sudo apt-get install ubuntu-snappy-cli
  3. Snappy checks your app configuration so you need to install review tools. For 15.04:

Prepare your snap package

  1. git clone
  2. cd fd-snappy
  3. Download Oracle Java 7 for ARM from
  4. Extract the archive and copy the content of jre folder (bin & lib) into fd-snappy/jre folder
  5. Download the last available Freedomotic build from here and extract it into fd-snappy/freedomotic
  6. sudo snappy build .
Ubuntu Snappy

Upload & install the snap to your snappy device

You have two options:

from your development system

Determine the ip address of your snappy device with ifconfig then digit

snappy-remote --url=ssh://<ip-of-your-snappy-core-device> install ./freedomotic_5.6.0_armhf.snap
Ubuntu Snappy

from local

Upload the app to your snappy device by ssh (using SCP)

Ubuntu Snappy

Upload the app to your device by ssh (using SCP)

then digit in console

sudo snappy install --allow-unauthenticated freedomotic_5.6.0_armhf.snap

Run Freedomotic

From command line digit

Ubuntu Snappy

Point your browser to http://ip-of-your-snappy-core-device:9111 and play with our API

Tested Boards

  • Raspberry Pi2