How to contributeΒΆ

We are looking for people interested in our project!

You can contribute in many ways:

  • Start a personal project based on Freedomotic or integrate one you have already coded
  • Join our development team
  • Create plugins to do remote control, media streaming, mobile development, fuzzy logic, artificial intelligence, or device control (such as X-10, KNX/EIB, OpenWebNet, Arduino, Z-Wave, Zigbee, EnOcean, Insteon PLC, etc)
  • Join our translation team on Transifex
  • Help us to improve our documentation
  • Publish tutorials/videos about something you can do with Freedomotic
  • Use and test the Freedomotic software and plugins
  • Design user interfaces, icon packs, and project branding
  • Promote us by talking about Freedomotic on your blog or social networks
  • Suggest use cases and projects where Freedomotic can be used
  • Sponsor your personal project joining as an Affiliate Project
  • If you are an ITC Company, please consider our Partnerships & Supporters program

Please read our development manual to get started