IpCamera Motion Plugin

Description: This plugin detecs motion in MPEG streams

Type: Driver - Categories: Media, Utilities

Development status: Prototype

Tested on: All platforms

Developer: Mauro Cicolella



  • Open the camera.xml file and set a name for the camera and the url to access to the stream in your browser (take a look at the examples).
IPCamera Motion Plugin

IPCamera Motion Plugin

  • Double click on the plugin icon to start it. Then right click on the same icon and on Configure IPCamera plugin to open the GUI and see all the images from the cameras.
IPCamera Motion Plugin GUI

IPCamera Motion Plugin GUI

How to save a captured image

It’s possible to save an image when motion is detected by a camera. The default folder is FREEDOMOTIC_ROOT/plugins/devices/ipcamera-motion/data/captured-images/.

  • Open Manage Automations (F7 key) and search the trigger IpCamera motion detected. In the command field write Capture image from an IpCamera.

Press the Confirm button and then OK at the bottom of the window.

IPCamera Motion Plugin Automations

IPCamera Motion Plugin Automations

Now for every notified event a message will appear on the map and a snapshot of the camera will be saved in a file named as the following format [name-webcam]/[date]/[hour].jpg.